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Our passion is to teach Martial Arts as an art-form. Disciplined. Extradordinary.

Our Youth Programs are designed for children to age 12, beginner level.

Our Adult Programs are designed for beginners to expert.

All the details are here on how you can begin this new chapter in your life.

We teach seven days a week. Check our online calendar to find a good time.

Much is learned within our clasess. But so much more is experienced and adopted.

Our focus is to give you the best martial arts training experience in the community. Our instructors want to help you conquer your personal goals and set you up for success in life.


We offer training in martial arts for people of all ages and experiences, helping them reach their fullest potential and become the best that they can be.


We will instill core values and life skills such as respect, discipline, self-esteem, self-control, mental focus, agility and fitness for all of our students.


Not only will you receive a physical boost from participating in our exciting classes but you will also be educated in the philosophy of martial arts, as well as develop positive life skills that will help you conquer any obstacle that should come up.





Mental Focus.



Martial Arts involve fighting techniques, physical exercise and methods of mental discipline.


a kind of judo of graceful movement in which an opponent's force is used against him


Karate means "empty handed." This form of fighting originated on the Japanese island of Okinawa.

Kung Fu

Kung fu means "skill" in Chinese, and is the generic term for a whole spectrum of martial arts methods

At Martial Arts Club we strive to give every student the individual and specific teaching that fits their style of learning. We are always ready to work with beginners to experts in these mind and body studies.

Please call us and let's talk about your interest in Martial Arts.


North Location

+ (760)-858-0101

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